cooked meat in a takeaway dish, with stuffing, pumpkin and greens


Slow cooked meat prepared in a traditional earthen oven. served with potato, cabbage, kumara, sweetcorn & seasonal beans. Hangi imparts a beautiful smoky earthy flavor like no other cooking method. available with chicken, beef or lamb, and served with a side of Parāoa Parai (Māori fried bread)

Kiwi Kai

The kiwi classic fish and chips done in gourmet style with chunky kumera and potato wedges, seasoned with fresh garden herbs. Fish available battered, crumbed or poached. served with a side of fresh lemon, creamy kawakawa mayo, and our hand made tomato ketchup.

Kaimoana Chowder

A beautiful platter of Kaimoana (food from the sea) containing green-lipped mussels, scallops, kina and fish of the day simmered in a mouthwatering white wine and kawakawa cream sauce. Served with a side of Parāoa Parai.

Daily lunch Cabinet

We also have a range of Cabinet food and takeaway item available, including a range of Pies, Vegetarian Pasteries, Picnic Basket Fillers, and sourdough filled rolls. These change with the seasons so if you're after something in particular, please give us a call!

Kānga Waru

A steamed pudding made with cornmeal and sweetend with kumera. Kānga waru is a traditional dessert prepared in our purpose built 'sweets hangi' that uses mānuka and applewood to impart an extra dimension of flavour. Served with a scoop of any one of our herbal ice creams.

RawBerry Brownie

A no-bake chocolate and berry slice prepared with locally grown organic berries and a cashew nut cream, set with chia seeds and kiwifruit fibre, topped with a chocolate and hazelnut layer.

Caramel Apple Cobbler

The warming spices used in stewing these delicious apples is well balanced by the light texture and flavor of the almond and egg batter in which they are encased. Baked until still moist but slightly crispy, then drizzled in fresh warm caramel sauce this dish is a winner in all seasons! Served with a scoop of any one of our herbal icecreams.


Fresh fried donuts made from our 10year old sourdough culture, tossed in cinnamon sugar and filled with fresh berry and plum jam or lemon curd.

Herbal Icecreams

Made with herbs lovingly selected from our tupunuku herb garden, and cream fresh from our very own kau miraka (dairy cows) kōwhai and kau-nuka.

  • Chocolate & Thyme
  • Cinnamon & Basil
  • Honey & Lavender
  • Rhubarb & Rose
  • Cherry & Sage
  • Apple & Rosemary
a round cake with fresh strawberries on top
flatbreads and crackers with various toppings on a wooden board

We love preparing food. If you're looking for that something extra special for your event choosing TupuNuku as your caterers means you can be sure the food on offer not only:

but is also made with love, and in a way that nutures your body, and the earth we all came from! the real question is, what can't we do? So if your looking for inspiration for your event, from a family picnic, office work party, or a grand wedding, we'd love to hear from you, and share our bounty! Oh, and we're well experienced in gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free, nut-free and keto creations so check out our gallery, or get in touch.