Event Catering

an array of salads, dips and sandwhiches with fresh garnish
            and a serving jug on a table

Here is an example of a catering event we put together for a lunch shout. Fresh healthy locally sourced food good for you, and our planet.

Cake Catering

small rounds of cake topped with fresh fruit and colorful flowers

We also love catering a desserts menu! This picture is from a function catered by tupunuku focusing on color and seasonal flavours.

Home Harvest

a bunch of fresh salad greens and edible flowers

Much of our produce is produced right here, or supplemented by local farmers. Much of our menu is composed of ingrediants harvested that morning!

Kowhai and Kaunuka

two brown cows with heads touching and beaded bells 
            around their necks

Meet our fabulous dairy cows, Kowhai and Kau-nuka!

Split Apple Rock

a large round boulder in the ocean split down the middle

Upper Moutere is within an easy hours drive of the Able Tasman National Park, renowned for its beaches and the iconic 'Split Apple Rock'.

Picnic Baskets

a picnic blanket surrounded by white flowers, on which sits 
            a basket, a book, a board with olives and cheeses, and two glasses

Whereever you're headed next, we would be delighted to send you on your way with a pre-packed picnic basket.